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Let’s Quickly Talk About The Movement Towards Clean Energy & How You Could Cut Your Monthly Electricity Bill By 60% Or More....

I don’t know if you knew this but in a very short time, almost everyone - homeowners & businesses especially - can expect a significant rise in their monthly electricity bill?

If you were not aware of this, then you’re not alone. Essentially, this is because of crude oil (WTI) prices and the unsustainable pricing model used by the Ecuadorian electricity market.

But… More on this in the report.

Our government has recently announced their intention to phase out subsidies. I’m sure you’re wondering, what might this mean for you?

Well, this means that going solar now insures you won’t be disadvantaged by rate increases and this also makes installing solar for your business a no-brainer.

That brings me to my next point.

Who ever thought that being situated near the equator could potentially mean more returns on investment.

What am I talking about?

So, Ecuador is in a prime location to gain from solar energy and unlike the vast majority of countries around the world, Ecuador is blessed by being positioned right on the equator.

And why is this important?

Because this results in solar installations being a far better return on investment (ROI) than almost anywhere on earth.

If this does not make you excited, i don’t know what will.


Another thing you should know is that there has been significant technological advances in solar power that allow more electricity to be generated by fewer panels than was possible just a few years ago.

And additionally, the popularity of these technological innovations and greater competition has driven down the cost per watt considerably.

And lastly - not to get too technical here but - you could also be eligible to double depreciation – effectively allowing you a tax credit equal to 200% of the entire cost of your solar installation (up to 500kW).

So, if you hope to become an energy independent business and keep operations going even if the electricity grid goes down, this is the best time to do so.

Another important question to ask yourself is…

Why would you actually want to do this with us and not any other organisation? 

Let’s hear what others once like you had to say...

"When I first became interested in solar energy about ten years ago, the numbers didn't add up for me. After meeting with your very knowledgeable staff, I discovered how much things had changed. Not only had the price of the panels dropped by almost 90%, but the rebates and tax incentives were so beneficial that I quickly realized how foolish I would be to miss out on this opportunity. I'm glad I took my own advice. We have reduced our electric bill by 63% and it hasn't cost us a penny more. This type of energy should be available to all of us, as it helps the environment and our pocketbook in a positive way".

Eduardo S.

- Guayaquil

"Thank you to your entire staff for a flawless and very professional installation. After reviewing the numbers with your sales team, I reviewed them with my accountant. He confirmed that all the work would cost me absolutely nothing. In fact, he told me that since I wasn't spending any extra money, I should be sure to insist on the best components available. In fact, he was so impressed with the installation that he ordered a similar system for his own home. So far, this is the third time one of my friends has become one of his customers."

Hector M.

- Quito

Very knowledgeable and patient sales staff who answered all my questions . We have installed solar on both our home and business and are very pleased with both. The installation went smoothly and looks great. They went out of their way to put things where I wanted them and not in the easiest place. So far we have had a year of trouble free solar and we love it. Now we are trying to figure out where we can put some more panels.

Eduardo S.

- Guayaquil

"Thank you for making this entire experience a delight. Your staff was incredibly knowledgeable and patient. They took the time to answer all my questions and I never felt pressured. They allowed me the space to check out all aspects of the installation and helped me put together the ideal mix of components for my manufacturing plant. I just checked the numbers and we have been saving over fifty percent on our electric bill, which really adds up."

Maria Teressa A.

- Manta

"I hate to admit this, but I was sold on my solar installation the moment their salesman showed me how I could monitor my system's output on my smart phone. I could actually see how much electricity I was generating and how much money I was saving. That was so cool that I knew I had to get one for our house. Convincing my wife was another thing. She insisted on "crunching numbers," as she put it. She's a college math teacher, so she has a much more practical view of things. It didn't take her more than a day to tell me that this was an incredible money-saving business. You can't imagine how impressed my friends are when I open my smart phone and show how much my 'personal generating station' is making me each day."

Mario G.

- Salinas

I am more than happy to have finally convinced myself to put solar panels on my house. As you know, I was very resistant at first. I thought the panels would ruin my roof and make my house look out of place in my neighborhood. As it turns out, I was completely wrong. The installation was immaculate and professional; my roof not only looks great, it has become a major topic of conversation. So far, half a dozen people from my community have come to inspect our system and look at our electric bills. Am I getting paid to advertise your services? It's a joke.

Leonardo H.

- Loja

The deal is pretty simple with us…

That is, If you would love to work with an environmentally responsible vendor with an excellent reputation and significant experience in solar installations throughout the country - ranging from small private homes to large universities -, then we are your direct route to your sustainable energy strategy implementation.

And our prices consistently prove that you can also enjoy solar power that is competitively priced to compete with mainstream brown power.

If you’re still asking yourself questions, just know that you’re not alone. I would encourage you to do what most people do at this point and hop on a 10 minutes call with us.

This will make sure that you get all your questions answered, a comprehensive report, more information about us, update on the benefits, costs, and savings of “going solar.”

Consider that we offer easy-to-understand guidelines and a superior customer service team dedicated to making sure your journey to sign-up is seamless with zero hidden fees.


Good question! This is the first question we answer in the call.
But basically it is....

To get to know each other, share ideas, answer questions and arrange an on-site meeting.

This is necessary to create a stronger more personal line of communication as we treat each project personally; as if it were for our own home or business.

So, with all that said...

Act swiftly and take advantage of the government assistance program.

Your business does not have to be subject to any increased electricity costs and possible degradation of the grid threatening reliability of constant electricity.

You know what to do...